Critica & Saik

Critika & Saik are my favourite musicians. They are a famous pop group. They are from Canarias. They are young. They are singers and play one instrument; the guitar. The best song on their first album is "Un juguete mas". I think Critika & Saik are the best musicians in the world.


On Monday afternoon I went to Granada.
On Tuesday morning I cleaned my bedroom and in the afternoon I went to my friends.
On Wenesday afternoon I went to the park.
On Maunday Thursday afternoon I went to Granada.
On Good Friday morning I went to visit my cousin.
On Saturday afternoon I went shopping.
On Good Sunday morning I visited my grandfather.

17-19 January 2014
On Friday afternoo I went out with my friends, but I didn't visit my cousin.
On Saturday night I was in a birthday, but I didn't go to the shopping centre.
On Sunday morning I was with my family,but didn't go to the cinema.

24-25-26 January 2014
What were you doing on....
-Friday at 7.p.m? On Friday at 7.p.m I was going out with my friends.
-Saturday at 10.p.m? On Saturday at 10.p.m I was having dinner.
-Sunday at 9.p.m? On Sunday at 9.p.m I was watching TV in my house.

On Friday at 7 .p.m she was going to the english class.
On Saturday at 12 .p.m she was watching TV.
On Sunday at 9 .p.m she was playing PS3.