My favourite musician

Dandy Yankee

Dandy Yankee is my favourite singer and musician.He is a famous pop and reggae singer from Colombia.He is very young and think, but he sings and plays many instruments: guitar and drums, too.He is bus private and a professional music and singer discovered him.His videos are a in the You Tube. The best song on his firt album is Rueda. I think Danddy Yankee is the best musician and singer in the world.


Easter holy week

On Monday afternoon I visited my uncle in Madrid,on Wednesday morning I went to see processions, On Maundy Thursday afternoon I went to the cinema with my friends, On good Friday morning I visited my cousins in chana, On Saturday morning I walked the dog in the field, On Palm Sunday afternoon I went to the procession Santa Maria de la Alhambra, On Easter Sunday morning I ate fried milk and roscos.

Last weekend on Friday afternoon I met my cousins, but I didn't meet my aunt on Sunday morning I visited my grandfather, but I didn't visit my aunt on Saturday afternoon I went to play football with my brother , but I didn't play basketball with my dad.

17-19 January

Last weekend on Friday afternoon i met my cousins, but I didn't meet my uncle. On Sunday morning I was in the party of my brother, but I didn't go to my grandfather. On Saturday afternoon I played station 3 with my dad, but I didn't play station 3 with my mum.

24-26 January

On Friday I was playing on my computer games. On Saturday I was sleeping. On Sunday I was having dinner.

Jonathan He was playing the game. He was sleeping. He was walking the dog.

7-9 January

On Friday afternoon I did homework.On Saturday morning I was sleeping.On Sunday afternoon I went to Granada.