Hungara is my favoutite musician. She is famous flamenco singer from España. She is young, she doesn't play many instruments. In 2012, she put some videos of music on youtube.
The best songs on his album is A mi laury

la hungara .jpeg


On Friday night at Easter holidays I went to Granada.

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday I went to Granada.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I was on a farm.

On Friday and Saturday I went back to Granada.

And on Sunday I was in my house.

24-25 January Actividad clase con compañera (Daniela)

what qere you doing on:

-Friday at 7 p.m ?

*Irene:I was walking

*Daniela:She was sleeping

-Saturday at 12 p.m?

*Irene:I was doing homework

*Daniela:She was homework

-Sunday at 9 p.m?

*Irene:I was watching TV

*Daniela:She was to havening dinner

17-19 January

-On Friday afternoon I did my homework, but I didn't go Granada

-On Sunday afternoon I went to cinema, but I didn't go to the shopping center

-On Saturday afternoon I made cupcake, but I didn't meet my family

10-12 January

-On Friday afternoon I met my family, but Ididn't meet my friends

-On Sunday afternoon I went to Granada, but I didn't go the Serrallo Plaza

-On Saturday afternoon I went to the cinema, but I didn't meet my family