Camacho family:

Description of the family:
Elena is Blanca Suarez Suarez, she is 34 years old, she is a professional actress and singer.
Alba is Alejandra Camacho Suarez, she is 19 years old, she is a designer, of brides' dresses and she has got a store where she sells her designs.
Ana is Nerea Camacho Suarez, she is 16 years old, she is an actress,at present she is working in one film.
Alejandro is Nacho Suarez Vidal, he is 86 years old, he is a singer in a club ``los flamenquines┬┤┬┤

Description of the house:
It has 4 bedrooms
it has 3 bathrooms
it has 1 kitchen
it has 1 living room
it has 1 dining room
it has 1 garden
it has 1 hall
it has 1 garage