We are Ana and Gabriel,we are going to write about us:
My name is Ana, I am fourteen, I come from Granada, my birthday is in April. I live in Otura, my address it is 4 larga street,18630,in Otura, my phone number is 675 867 964. I have 3 brothers, but I don't have any sisters. My favorite music is pop, my favorite singer is Crittica y Saik. My favorite sport is gymnastics ,my favorite place is theatre.My favorite food is pizza, my favorite subject is art. My favorite computer game is "Mario Bros". 'm good at playing theatre. I am bad at studying. I love theatre and cinema.

My name is Gabriel, I am fifteen, I come from Granada,my birthday is in March I live in Otura,my address is 29 Rodriguez de la Fuente,18630,in Otura,my phone number is 678 123 456.I have 2 sisters.My favourite music is Tomorrowland,my favorite singer is Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike.My favourite sport is gymnastics,my favourite place is theatre.My favourite food is meat,my favourite subject is P.E. My favourite computer game is "Call of Duty". I'm good at football.I am bad at studying.I love computer games and Xbox 360