My favourite musicians:

Cali y el dandee are my favourite musicians. They are a famous pop singer from Colombia. They are young, but they don't play any instruments. In 2005, they put some videos of their music on Youtube. The best song on their first album is "Yo te esperaré". And they went to the Voz Kids helped David Bisbal. I think Cali y el dandee are the best musicians in the world.

cali y el dandee

We are Marina and Alejandro, we are going to write about us.

My name is Marina, I'm 13 years old.I come from Barcelona, I live in Otura. My telephone number is 645644376.
My adress is Avenida Villa de Otura 69. I've got 1 brother. My mum is Maribel and my dad is Alberto.
My birthday is on 24TH February, my favourite music is pop music, my favourite sport is football, my favourite food
is paella. I like sport, I hate doing homework and studying.

My name is Alex , I'm 15 years old . I come from Otura .I live in Otura . My telephone number is 666669666
My address is c/ Picasso Nº 1. I've got one brother. My mum is Salo and my dad is Jose .
My birthday is on 5TH March, my favourite music is Heavy metal, my favourite sport is boxing,
I like animals. I hate Justin Bibergas and One direction and Going to school.