Camaron is my favourite musician. He is a famous flamenco, from "Isla canela (cadiz)" in Spain. He died a lot of years ago, my favourite song is "Volando Voy". He didn't play any instruments, he sang a lot, he is a legend of the music. Ithink Camaron is the best musician in the world.


MIS FRASES: I was playing the game .
I was sleeping .
I was walking the dog .
LAS DE JOSE LUIS: On Friday he was playing my computer game .
On Saturday he was sleeping .
On Sunday I was having dinner


This Holy Week I have had fun. I don't belong to a brotterhood but I have gone to some processions. Last year I went to see the procession of "los gitanos" but this year I couldn't go. Because I went to the cinema with my friends. On Good Friday I went to procession of "el silencio". In this procession people can't speak. On Saturday it was the procession of "Santa MarĂ­a de Alhambra". The bearers took the float from La Alhambra to the center of Granada. On Easter Sunday I was preparing my bag to go back to school.