Melendi is my favourite musican. He is a famous Rock singers from Madrid. He is young, he plays many instruments : Guitar, drums. In 2012, he put some videos of music on You Tube. The best songs on his album is "Mis Recuerdos". I think Melendi sings lot of songs.


- On Friday afternoon I went to a hotel in Almeria for the weekend.
- On Monday afternoon, I saw processions the Nazarenes in Almuñecar.
- The brotherhood at the Tribune sang dirges to the bearers.
- On Wednesday I saw the procession of the Silence in Granada, it is very beautiful.

Enero 18,19

-On Friday afternoon I did my homework, but I didn't go to the shopping center
-On Sunday afternoon I went to Granada to see an "ensayo", but I didn't meet my family
-On Saturday afternoon I studied English, but I didn't cinema.
Enero 25,26
-On Friday afternoon I did my homeworkand then I started watching a movie with popcorn.
-On Sunday afternoon I went shopping and then to juge the Wii.
- On Saturday morning I was studying and then invited us to eat. After a good time with my family.