My favourite singer.

Pablo Alborán is my favourite musician. He is a famous pop singer and he is from Málaga. He is young, but he sings and plays one instrument: the guitar. The best song on his first album is "Tanto". My favourite song is "perdóname". I think Pablo Alborán is the best musician in the world. In 2010, he put some videos of his music, on You Tube and a professional music company discovered him.

Last weekend I visited my friend, but I didn't visit my aunt. On Friday I went to the shopping centre, but I didn't visit my cousin. On Saturday evening I talked on the phone,

24-26 January
On Friday at 7 p.m, I was visiting on my grandparents. On Saturday at 12 p.m. I was sleeping. On Sunday at 9 p.m I was watching TV.
Alba she was going to Granada. She was sleeping. She was having dinner.